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Made from upcycled metal by Artisans in India, these bells are handcrafted and coated in copper shavings to obtain the unique look of the exterior.


Tuned by hand to perfection, these types of bells were used to track herds of  cattle by the tone of the bells hanging around their necks. Each family had their own tone to their bells to identify their cattle. Today they are still used to track cattle but they are also hung in trees, temples & homes.


Using bells and chimes for intentions:

Activates chakras in the body

Creates harmony between the right and left lobes of the brain

Use to call in deities, gods, goddesses and other energies

Instant energy shifter

Ringing bells helps us focus on the present moment

Connection with higher self, tapping into your divinity

Soothing to mind, body & soul

Use to set intentions

Sari Silk Ribbon Bells

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