My Roots

From the time I was very young, my mom always told me I was a very intuitive Indigo Child. She told me that I was here to to help teach the Indigos and Intuitives of today about the sacredness of Mother Earth and how we can use Universal, Cosmic Energy & divine guidance in every part of our lives. Back in her day, this kind of spirituality and energy was hushed and not talked about because it was considered taboo. Nowadays, we have such a better understanding of energy and energy medicine that it has become more mainstream and there's no time like the present to share and pass on my love of Energy Medicine!


As an Indigo Adult, I've realized how much joy it brings me to share information on Energy Medicine to help people live their best, most authentic and creative life. I currently create and make intuitive soul gifts to help people insert intention in their everyday life with gifts made from love, intention and crystal energy. My current creation of making and selling Energy Trolls has brought so much joy, laughter and happiness to my clients. Just having an Energy Troll as a reminder of the endless energies in the universe or to consciously make shifts in your vibration to shift the energy in a room has truly brought me so much gratitude. I love that my tribe has been loving these intuitive energy gifts from the heart. 


We are all born with contracts that we signed up for while we take our journey through life. My contracts are inline with that of an Indigo Child, paving pathways, believing in integrity, almost to a fault, ;) fighting for injustices but also intuitively seeing ideas and manifesting them in the physical world. This is where my red shows up. With the grounding energy of the root chakra present in my life, it only seemed natural to create Indigo Roots. 

Indigo Roots is me ~ living my authentic, intuitive life with grounded in love. 

With my energy colors Indigo, Red, Pink, "I see" an idea, work with the idea intuitively and then ground it or "root" the idea to a physical, actual product or class. Just recently I started adding products from vendors that offer gifts of love and gratitude to bridge and share the energy of the pink heart chakra into the Indigo Roots world. 

I am a Certified Facilitator of The Energy Codes Book by International Speaker, Dr. Sue Morter.

I offer book study classes where we dive deep into these practices assisting people to reach their greatest potential in search of their soulful selves. I also offer private teachings for anyone who prefers a more intimate atmosphere.

My most recent news is that I am officially a student of Dr. Sue Morter's Body Awake Yoga and seeking my RYT-200 Certification as well!


I am a Certified Crystal Healer and an Advanced Crystal Practitioner Certification working on Certifications in Moonology and Reiki.  I currently combine all of these modalities into private sessions, group classes and online coursework to more easily bring Energy Medicine into the hands of the people in my tribe!

My goal is to help my clients live their best, most authentic, soulful lives by passing on the spiritual tools my mom passed down to me over the last 30 years and the new information I continue to gather on the daily.


I can't wait to see you in my classes and private sessions!! Some of the topics I like to use and discuss include:

Crystal Energy, Our Life Force Energy & the Chakra System, Manifesting with the Moon, Body Awake Yoga, Mediation, Sound Therapy and so much more!!