My Roots

From the time I was very young, my mom always told me I was a very intuitive Indigo Child. You never really understand your parents until you become an adult.

Now as an Indigo Adult I've realized how much joy it brings me to create and make intuitive soul gifts to help people insert intention in their everyday life. Whether it's placing an Energy Troll on their desk to bring joy and laughter or having an Energy Troll as a reminder of the endless energies in the universe, it's the instant shifts in vibration that I want to offer my clients with these intuitive gifts from the heart. 


After my mom passed away, I was guided to one of my soul sisters who told me she could see my aura. She explained that my "contract colors" were Indigo-Red with a pink arch-like rainbow connecting my heart chakra to my contract colors. After meeting my dear friend and many years and conversations later, so many of my mom's teachings were validated. I had finally found somebody like me, somebody who was raised with a very soulful mother who was given the same information as I was as a child. Somewhere along this path, Indigo Roots was created.

Indigo Roots is me ~ living my authentic life.


Being an Indigo-Red, "I see" an idea, work with the idea intuitively and then ground it or "root" the idea to a physical, actual product. I have created many meaningful custom gifts for people I don't even know because their friends and family contract my services.

Just recently I started adding products from vendors that offer gifts of love and gratitude to bridge and share the energy of the pink heart chakra into the Indigo Roots world. 

I am a Certified Facilitator of The Energy Codes & work by Dr. Sue Morter & Morter Institute and a Certified Crystal Healer. I am currently working on my Advanced Crystal Practitioner Certification along with a Certification in Moonology. I am also working on future classes that include Our Life Force Energy & the Chakra System, Manifesting with the Moon, Crystal Energy, Yoga, Mediation & Sound Therapy and so much more!! Please subscribe below to receive my newsletters to stay updated!  



At Indigo Roots, our vision is to insert intention into life with magical gifts from the heart. ♥



In person pick up & shopping everyday by appointment only

Online store is always open! Checkout Instagram  @indigo_roots_magic for even more products!

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