Utah Selenite on Stand

Utah Selenite on Stand

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Ancient Utah Selenite ~ All piece are completely unique in shape and weight. If you're looking for something in particular, please reach out to me and I'd be happy to let you pick your piece over FaceTime or Zoom. :)


Ancient Selenite is said to be the Guardian Angel of all crystals. This translucent crystal has a very delicate, fine vibration that instills calm & peace bringing clarity to mind & thoughts. Carrying the imprint of all that has happened in the world, this ancient crystal’s wisdom can access divine guidance from angels, ancestors and guides through the Crown Chakra and beyond. A perfect crystal for allowing one to pinpoint issues in order to see the deeper, bigger picture life has to offer, therefor it is an amazing crystal for meditation and spiritual work. Selenite is a conduit, a crystalline energy highway that allows the higher chakras to communicate and root the information into physical form. The purest most translucent white selenite has an ethereal quality and is believed to be the space between light and matter. Selenite is an ancient stone of wisdom and considered to be the most powerful crystal for the new vibration on earth. Displayed in the home, Selenite is not only beautiful and elegant, but holds ancient energies of angelic protection. It is recommended to place these plates near an entrance to ensure a calm, pleasing essence of angelic protection welcoming guests into your home. 


This Selenite has been cleansed & charged in the full moon so they are ready for display!



At Indigo Roots, our vision is to insert intention into life with magical gifts from the heart. ♥




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