Personalized Full Moon Intention-Based Water includes 15 minute consultation

Personalized Full Moon Intention-Based Water includes 15 minute consultation


Our bodies are made up of mostly water and we need water to survive. Water is energy and has been scientifically proven to hold memory. When water flows through nature it naturally carves a path, gains knowledge of its surroundings and moves energy through the earth. I’d like to show you how to do the same with your body using intention-based water.


These monthly Full Moon Water Readings offer you an intuitive monthly reading along with your Crystal Charged - Moon Water. These Full Moon Water Reading are a unique product of Indigo Roots and only offered by Indigo Roots. Not only do you get your personalized intuitive reading, you get to feel all the of the energies fill your body with the crystal infused water made especially for you.

1 Gallon
  • An excellent tool to help move & shift energy

    Let me know what you're facing this month and I can personalize and charge water for your needs. I use intenion-based Full Moon and crystal energy along with sound frequency to raise the vibration of the water you put into your body ~ as the water permeates your cells and moves through your body, it spreads raising your frequency. You'll notice a big difference when the intention water is set personally for your needs.


    If you are not satisfied with the richness of our intention-based chakra waters, just return the unused portion and we will happily refund your order with the return of the glass chakra bottles. 


    We currently only sell our Intention-Based Waters to locals for pick up only.